{{Episode |Image = Colors_of_Twilight_Color_Swap.jpg |Description = That's scary! |Season = Season 15 |Episode = 50 |Date = March 6, 2014 |Number = 409 |Writers = Ken Pontac
Lauren Faust
Cindy morrow |Director = Lauren Faust and Cindy morrow |Starring = Franklin |Featuring = Bear


Bear is waking the baby up again! So Franklin tries to teach how to not wake her.


The kid is screaming in the store! Meanwhile Franklin tries to knock on the door, but he gets distracted by Bear waking his baby up by watching FiMB and his mommy told him not to. And Bear comes out and he can't make any noise or he'll wake up his sister. He was a bad babysitter now, and when he climbed into the crib to see what it was like, Mom and Dad got mad at him. They got mad at him because his feet were dirty. And then he tells that his sister is so little and she cries a lot, especially when he's around her while she cries inside his house. And they go in and they noticed it. And then Franklin notices the bee spinner which plays a lullaby (So many wonders) to help the baby go to sleep with. Franklin thinks this is a neat toy, then he accidentally turns it on, but Bear turns it off and the baby wakes up from the music. Bear tells her not to cry, but she cries so much, they needed to run away. This is why they shouldn't wake the baby people! The End.