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Season 32 credit crawl
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Big the Food critic, or probably known as I WANT FOOD! is a short YTP made by me.


Big keeps saying "I WANT FOOD!" and slamming his bowl on the table because he wants food, and Mint gives him the food, but he wants the pretty bunny to do it, so he makes a big mistake! The MLP clips show up as One bad apple a team and S3 commercial comparing yellow dust and pink dust. Once they were over, Big tells Mint that he is a food critic and tells them that this was gonna be stupid as can be. He could see the tomato in the white water (or milk idek what it is) and wonders why they make Tomato Soup. The last thing Sonic likes to do about the recipe is to read. They read the recipe. Mint said he put a flower in the recipe, but Cream says those explode as Sonic says "What?!" and they all explode. The Season 32 credit crawl follows.


All exploded.


When the tomato is poured in the bowl, it is orange. The color of real tomatoes is supposed to be red. Sonic is seen without his cape when says "What?!" Cream has her ears backwards. Mint is lighter green and his voice has changed. When Big smashes his plate saying "I WANT FOOD!" at the table part, the table is more brown than it is was mostly orange and redecorated. The Yellow dust is actually luster dust and the pink dust is actually Magenta uses on her emergency edible boots! Giddy Up!


The music used in the season 32 credit crawl is "Giddy Up" by the Network Musical Ensemble from the album "The Playroom."