"I was a big fan of Sonic, now," said Tails. "I didn't care if Sonic was dead..or was he?" It was a dark, summer night. As I could recall it was 12:00 AM, and the weather outside was clear. Out of sheer boredom, I decided to go on my computer. I pressed the power button and the computer began to start up. Something was wrong though...

As the computer booted up, the Windows logo appeared in dark shades of red and kinda distorted. Under it, instead of the usual booting up message, was "..." in the same dark red shades as the Windows logo. I got quite unnerved seeing this, and I also got a bit worried. I was afraid that I got hit with a pretty bad virus.

After what seemed like two minutes, the computer immediately sent me straight to the Desktop. I played Sonic the Hedgehog Games and the Sega logo appeared in blood red. The jingle sounded low and demonic but instead of the background being white, it was pitch black and Sonic, Zalgo Pagie and Twilight Sparkle didn't run past the logo. I got a little sickened when I seen that the start menu and every file except for one was erased. My Documents, My Computer, and even Recycle Bin was missing from the Desktop. I tried to press the Windows logo key on my keyboard, but the start menu didn't pop up. I even tried Ctrl+Alt+Del, but even the Task Manager didn't pop up. At this point, I was getting a bit scared.

The background of the Desktop was pitch black. I could understand that, seeing as every file except for one was erased, my previous background obviously doesn't exist anymore. I was kinda shaking when I noticed the name of the one lone file remaining: "SMILE666.exe" When I saw this, I got curious. I wanted to know what that file was. Could it have been the virus that did this to my computer?

Not like I was gonna click on it to find out, however. Since I couldn't go to the Start menu to shut down my computer, I reached for the Power button. However, when I pressed the button, the computer wouldn't shut down. Then somehow, the mouse cursor slowly moved towards the file, without me touching the mouse. I was trembling in fear at this point, so I grabbed my mouse and tried to move it away from it. But alas, I had no luck as the mouse cursor positioned itself over the file.

I tried everything I could to turn off the computer but had no success in doing so. I held in the power button, and I even disconnected it from it's main power supply. But when disconnecting it had no luck, I was really scared. Now I KNEW something was dreadfully wrong. Then, without me touching the computer, it opened up "SMILE666.exe." It was a 52 second video file. For three seconds there was nothing but pitch black. But after three seconds, my eyes caught a sight that really mortified me.

A pony with a pinkish grey coat appeared on the screen after three seconds of pitch black. She had a straight hair and tail which were that of the color of blood. The pony's left ear seemed to have been torn off, and she bled from where her ear once was. Her legs had open cuts and scratches present, as well as a large quantity of what would appear to be dried up blood.

I was practically in shock when I seen her slowly turn her head to face me. She was smiling in a demonic Cheshire cat sort of way, her smile stretching from ear to ear. Her teeth looked like razors; they appeared to be really sharp, and bloodstained. Her eye sockets were completely devoid of eyeballs, making it seem like two gigantic black voids.

Then some 16-bit messed up music began playing in the background. The demonic "SEGA!" occassionally mixed in. Tails was startled, he was scared out of his wits! Thinking fast, Tails made up an excuse and tries to close down the video.

Still smiling, she opened her mouth to speak. She appeared to have said "SMILE," but all that came out of her mouth was loud static. The Sega 1991 was now Sega 666. And the Radical Sheep Productions 2016 was now Radical Sheep Productions 666. But the freakiest things of all was Sonic and Zalgo Pagie. Sonic eyes were black and red dots for pupils, and Zalgo Pagie had black eyes too, but no pupils! Sonic.exe appeared to have said "NO ESCAPE," and Zalgo Pagie.exe said "FROM US..," In my terrified state, I tried to close down the video, but the mouse was completely unresponsive to my command. It was too late; the computer wouldn't let me. No, THEY wouldn't let me.

I could hear Zalgo Pagie's laugh, this time an echo of it. I could also hear somebody singing (Probably Suicide Mouse) "Real suffering is not known..." The music stopped for 2 minutes but it came back. This time, unlike the cutesy tunes that they put in the videos, the song on this video was not a song at all, just a constant banging on a piano for 2 minutes before the video closed itself.

She opened her mouth to speak once again, the Cheshire cat grin still present. However instead of static, her demonic voice could be heard. She said "SMILE FOR ME NOW," in what sounded like a demonic whisper. After that horrific message, the video closed itself down. I was so scared that I was practically in tears. The file remained on the Desktop, as if it was there to mock me. I heard a demonic sounding laugh as I tried right-clicking on the file. When I right-clicked it, an error popped up that said "Nice try, but you can't get rid of me THAT easy..."

I tried to shut it down slamming the power button on the computer, but I had forgotten that it wouldn't work when I tried this before. Another error message popped up. It said "You can't turn off this computer... Not when I'm in charge..." I was practically having a breakdown. I had no idea what was going on. Even if this was a joke by some sick twisted freak, it wasn't funny; it was downright cruel.

Then the error message closed itself down, and I heard something that sounded like somebody or somepony was singing. It was that same demonic voice that the pony from the video had. I recognized the familiar tune as "Hush Now, Quiet Now." But instead of the original lyrics, the voice sung new, different, and evil sounding lyrics.

Hush now, Smile now, I know that I will find you, Hush now, Smile now, Be scared of what I'll do...

I got up and began to run to my backdoor. I was utterly terrified and I felt like I was gonna pass out. But I knew if I did, she'd get me. I couldn't let that happen, so I forced myself to run. When I got to the backdoor, it was locked. I tried to unlock it, but it was as if the lock was completely frozen. She sang another verse of her demonic song:

Hush now, Smile now, Pained screams are music to my ears, Hush now, Smile now, I am but all your fears...

"Don't run.." said Sonic.exe. "All we want is friendship... Don't leave, the others won't like it." said Zalgo Pagie.exe.

After this, I heard the sound of a door opening nearby. Could it be Sonic and Knuckles? I turned around to see the door handle of the basement door turning. I rushed to the front door to get out that way, but it was the same problem as the back door. I was practically in all out panic mode. I had nowhere to go. Then I realized, a window! I tried to get out the window, but the window had the exact same problem as the two doors. I couldn't even break the windows to get out. Every time I tried, nothing would happen. I couldn't even put a crack in the window. I turned around to see a horrifyingly demonic red glow begin to emerge from around the dark corner of the hallway. I ran upstairs in a flash, breathing unsteadily and heavily. I heard another verse of her evil demonic chant:

Hush now, Smile now, Don't bother trying to run from me, I, will, track you down and kill you, don't you see?

Come on, don't be shy, I only want to be your friend, Happiness and friendship is all I want to send...

"You can't run..." said Sonic.exe. "We can smell your fear.." said Zalgo Pagie.exe.

I had no other place to hide. I hid in my bedroom closet, hoping that she wouldn't find me. I was so scared that I began sobbing again, but I tried to keep it as quiet as possible. Suddenly, I jumped as I heard the sound of hooves grow ever so closer. She sang again:

Hush now, Smile now, The taste of tears is really sweet, Hush now, Smile now, Tears make for a good treat...

Hush now, Smile now, Your skin it tastes like chocolate, You're like, the mouse in this chase and I'm the cat...

I notice that I was breathing really heavy, so I tried to force my breathing to be quieter. Suddenly, I see the dim red glow under the closet door.

Hush now, Smile now, I just want to give you a hug, And then, spill your blood and drink it from a jug...

The glow was as bright as ever now. I forced myself to keep completely silent and still. She turned to face the closet door. Oh god, please don't let her find me!

I know, where you are, and I really just want to play, I can, smell your fear from hundred miles away...

She was just staring at the closet door, as if she was waiting. It seemed like a full minute before she turned around and left. But as she left, she sang another verse:

Hush now, Smile now, you know you cannot hide from me, Hush now, Smile now, you know you cannot flee...

I know, you will run but you cannot escape my grasp, I know, your last breath will likely be a gasp...

"Smile.." said Sonic.exe. "Now..." said Zalgo Pagie.exe.

I made sure that they were gone before I opened the closet door. I waited a full two minutes after I heard their walking from auditory. I slowly opened the door and looked around. There seemed to be no trace of them anywhere. I sighed in relief, and walked out of the closet. I began to walk out of the room and over to the stairs. As I arrived at the staircase, I looked around. No trace of her. Sighing in relief again, I begin to descend the staircase.

But when I put my foot on that first step, I slipped and fell down the staircase. I broke almost every bone in my body by the time I hit the bottom of the staircase. My legs were twisted in directions that they shouldn't have, my arms bent backwards, my lungs felt like someone had stabbed them, my head felt like it had a massive migraine and my neck felt like someone stepped on it. I looked over to see what I slipped on and noticed that I slipped on a pool of blood.

I tried to scream for help, but I could barely breathe. I couldn't move my arms or legs, I was basically helpless. All I could do is cry and wait for death to take its toll. However, my blurry vision caught a horrifyingly familiar sight: the red glow. It grew closer and closer before revealing the origin of the evil glow: it was the three species from the video. I really wanted to scream, I also really wanted to move, but I was essentially a vegetable. I couldn't do anything at all. My vision was fading, and all I could do was barely cry.

"Aww, what do we have here?" the pony spoke. "Have we fallen down the stairs and hurt ourself?" I began to cry even more. I felt my life being taken away quicker and quicker with each breath. "Aww, cheer up! It can't be THAT bad." I couldn't help but cry even harder when she said that. Sonic.exe said "Don't worry, you'll never become like him or her." Zalgo Pagie.exe finished the last quote of the sentence. "We'll protect you...FOREVER!" Sonic.exe lunged forward trying to snatch me between his arms. I tried to run, but my legs refused to move. All I could see was the red of the glow, the burning lies and the poor Sonic who was murdered in this evidence. My little game of detective had taken a hideous turn, and I wanted desperately to stop playing. It was really painful, and she thinks that it doesn't look painful. As if I wasn't tortured enough. "Look on the bright side, now you can play with us!" With death's door being ever so close, I couldn't help but cry as hard as I could.

The pony put her hoof over my mouth and sang:

Hush now, Smile now, your life is now behind you, Hush now, Smile now, no need to feel blue...

As my vision completely faded, I gasped my last breath. The pony uttered these last words before I passed on:

Hush now, Quiet now, It's time to lay your sleepy head, Hush now, Quiet now, It's time to go to bed...

"Game over.." said Sonic.exe. "Smile666.exe, my love..." said Zalgo Pagie.exe

Game Over?