Tails Doll loves you.exe is a 2 part episode. This episode was released in 2 parts.

Part 1Edit

Sonic is running in a field and sees dead bodies everywhere! And he gets surprised by the Tails doll and goes to a spot. Tails doll catches him. Sonic had nowhere else to go except right. He bumps into tails doll and kills him (covered by a jumpscare), and runs. Sonic is in a bloody room with no exit, and a red shine in the middle. Tails doll kills Sonic, Sonic.exe is created. Tails is in Green hill zone and MLG spraying out from his pepsi can. It stops when he meets Sonic.exe, and Sonic.exe kills him. The blue evil hedgehog orders the reluctant gray Amy.EXE hedgehog to sing again and this time in a room it takes Knuckles. Knuckles follows the singing with the also hypnotized souls of the murdered children. Then he stops by Sonic.exe and Tails Doll, who are just trying to kill him. Just as he encounters a golden door. The Golden door then transforms into a wooden door with the jaws of a crocodile above and below it.