The Princesses and the Ponies episode is 10 minutes long and it was the tenth and last story in the fithteenth series of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This aired in the US on 3rd April 1993.


The grown up Cutie Mark Crusaders (from Twilight's Magic spell) are invited to a party over the weekend, in the G4 ponies' honour, at the palace. The little crusaders are upset they can’t go so they decide to try to get some attention by rolling on a ball balanced on top of each other. They fall off and Firefly asks why they’re doing this which is because the G4 ponies are getting all the attention. Joy reminds them they love them as much as the G4 ponies as much as all the fun they had before they make their way to the palace. The adult crusaders are given a large room to sleep in and a light purple Equestria girl is in their room looking for her lost sisters from two years ago. The guard knocks the door and she runs off just vanishing into a room. During a meal for them Bowser orders the G4 that he claims are tired, to be taken to the ponies rooms. Apple Blossom mentions the girl they saw earlier in their room but the Duchess tells her she must have been seeing things, even though the Duchess knows it’s a woman called Twilight Twinkle whom she had locked in a room before this meal. The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to go to the palace and crash the party. The adult crusaders heading back to their room discover the 4 G4 ponies are gone except (AJ and Rarity) and then they get arrested. Locked in a cell they meet Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence and Princess Starlight and they explains Bowser is their author. Joy steals the keys off of the sleeping guard’s belt using her glow and frees them. The little crusaders are then let in to the Palace by the woman named Twilight Twinkle. Bowser's little girl, Judy, Goddess of the kindness, is using the 4 G4 ponies as toys or pets for herself. Seeing this, the crusaders feel bad as they were hoping for it to happen to the 4. They take on the guards who are also keeping the princess and adult crusaders busy. The princesses and Twilight Twinkle meet back up and find the little crusaders winning their fight against the guards. They go to save the 4 G4 ponies from the girl and the princesses gets the guards to choose who they want to serve, them or Bowser. The guards pick the princesses and he thanks the little ponies for getting his kingdom back for him and they are back to normal again from the spell.



When the G4 ponies receive a special invitation to visit royalty, the crusaders get jealous and plot revenge. When they realize the 4 are in danger, will the crusaders go to their rescue? Running Time: 10 minutes approx.


Those G4s

Ming Ming: Ooh, those G4! They really make me mad! Stephanie: If they met up with monsters I'd be only too glad! Donald Duck: Ooh, those G4 brats! They drive me up a wall - quack! Zalgressa Pagie: If they were chased by lightning I wouldn't cry at all Zalgo Pagie: Don't be silly - they're just ponies! You're just talking out of spite! You don't wanna see them hurt? Zalgressa Pagie: Why not? It sure would serve them right! All: Ooh, those G4s! Pinkie Pie I'd have no regrets If someone bought them collars And turned them into pets! All: Then you'd see us breaking into grins Laughing and sneering Joking and cheering those G4s!


Charlie Adler as Zalgo Pagie Katie Leigh as Pinkie Pie, Zalgressa Sherry Lynn as Twilight Twinkle, Joy Jeannie Elias as Baby Lickety-Split Robbie Lee as Donald Duck, Stephanie Unknown actors as Ming Ming, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Fluttershy and Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, Sweetie Belle Non-speaking apperences by Skywishes, Star Catcher.


As Firefly lands with Ming Ming on her back, Joy’s bow is pink instead of purple. As Ming Ming runs with the group off to trash the party her back leg fails to move properly. Firefly is clearly the closest to the G4s prams when entering the bed room, but as Stephanie encourages the others to follow her she is the nearest as she moves away. At the start of the song Ming Ming has no cape that should be clearly visible. During the song as Stephanie turns around to walk away she has no wings. Ming Ming's face first flashes pink and then her eye goes funny and moves to her ear. When Joy takes the keys off of the belt, after when they’re floating at the gate Joy's body isn’t glowing. Also the guards neck before that flashes flesh colour while he sleeps. When Ming Ming runs out into the hall way and the guards attack, Twilight Twinkle who was right behind her vanishes and all the crusaders are lined up behind Ming Ming. When the heroes are on their way to rescues the G4s, Judy holds a yellow pony, when they change places and then zoom out, it’s now a pink pony she is holding. Right at the end of the episode as the princesses thanks them, Joy is missing her bow.